Came Through Drippin'

Need simple water use saving tips? Curious about what your food and clothing do to the environment? Want a direct link to Cardi B dissing Tomi Lahren? Dive in to our article about water. Stay sustainable, millennials!

Sustainability Spotlight: Tanner Kent

Tanner was once an engineer from New Hampshire who one day decided to make a major lifestyle change. He packed up some basic necessities into his truck and set out on the adventure of a lifetime. In the past four months, Tanner has been to 23 different states and over 13 National/State Parks. This has given him a unique perspective on national parks, minimalism, and traveling off the beaten path.

Green Gifting

Code Red (and Green)-  It’s almost Christmas! As the 25th grows closer and closer, we know that gift anxiety is setting in. Sustainable Millennial to the rescue! Here is our latest and greatest Sustainable Gift Guide for 2018. Happy Holidays from our family to yours :)