Welcome to Sustainable Millennial, thank you for being here

Dissatisfied with the lack of sustainability education and accountability among their peers, Sustainable Millennial came together to provide a commonplace for Millennials to share ideas, band together, and be the change that will influence the earth. We knew friends and colleagues that wanted to make a difference, but had no idea how to start, or where to look for insights. This inspired us to take our passion and energies into creating this space.

MJ is our creative director, founder and content queen who is constantly scheming about what’s next.

Allie is our web master who brings a ton of passion and technical knowledge to the team about how to spread the good word.

Erika is our resident editor, the former editor of the Vermont Cynic. We are lucky to have her intellect and sharp eye at our disposal.

Tara is our graphic designer, and designed our elegant fern. She is a student at The College of New Jersey and a talented artist.