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Vegan Matcha Latte

Vegan Matcha Latte

The wiser sister of the ever classic green tea, matcha is healthier due to the utilization of the entire leaf, not just the hot leaf water one customarily consumes. And on the subject of comparisons, hot bean water (or coffee, as the lay people call it) isn’t even in the same ballpark. Coffee, a diuretic, bladder irritant, and the cause of a quick energy spike and subsequent crash, is well loved in our country. But its time we all wised up to the rightful overlord of the drink world — the matcha latte.

Antioxidants (protection against disease and aging), fiber, nutrients are all added benefits of matcha, along with boosting your metabolism.

Before hopping on amazon and buying the cheapest matcha one can get, keep in mind its vital to purchase a high grade of tea. Ceremonial grade is the highest rating. Due diligence is recommended when researching and buying something you will ingest.


Coconut Milk

Oat Milk

Agave Syrup (organic)

Organic Matcha Powder

Boiling Water


Bamboo Whisk/ handheld frother

Cute mug to flex on Instagram with

Steamer (or a pot to warm the milk on the stove)

Water Kettle

  1. Boil a bit of water, you will need about a tablespoon max

  2. Take a teaspoon of matcha powder, and combine with the preferred amount of agave syrup to sweeten your drink

  3. Add the water, and use a bamboo whisk or a handheld frother to combine the water, matcha, and sweetener (the step of incorporating the powder into the liquid is important, ensure that there are no clumps of powder remaining at the bottom)

  4. Steam a combination of oat and coconut milk

  5. Pour the milk combination into the mug

That’s it. Thats the whole process. Its an age old process but one that can be adapted to an ICED latte as well, subject to your whims. If you order a matcha latte at Starbucks or your local coffee shop, ask how much sweetener they put in it. I customarily ask them to third it, and bring my own mug so I don’t contribute to single use waste. Coconut milk is the way to go for lattes, but oat milk is also a fantastic pairing.

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