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Feb. 14 Plans: Sustainable Vday Ideas

Feb. 14 Plans: Sustainable Vday Ideas

  1. Take a hike. Not in the sense that you’re telling your partner
    to get lost, but to explore a new landscape together

  2. Check out a local museum- be tourists in your own town. You might even
    find inspiration for our next suggestion

  3. Host your own DIY wine and painting night. Dust off those
    art supplies, and find a deserving model (your dog, your partner; anything

  4. Cook dinner, decorate your kitchen with candles, and live out your
    wildest rom-com dreams

  5. Volunteer together!

  6. Skip the cut flowers, get an actual, living plant that you will
    definitely remember to water because it’s a symbol of your relationship.

  7. Go see a new romance flick! Isn’t It Romantic is out in theaters (will Rebel Wilson ever top her Bridesmaids performance?)

  8. Make a scavenger hunt filled with hints from your relationship.

  9. Mix your honey up some mock or cock..tails, however you roll,
    and include a bit of Rosebud oil in it

  10. Make a digital photo album of your favorite memories together, or
    make them a video compilation of your favorite saved Snapchat videos. It is, however, not
    obligatory to post those on social media, contrary to popularly held millennial beliefs

  11. Check out your local vegan or vegetarian restaurant

  12. Give your S.O. lift tickets and go skiing ~ drinking and skiing~

  13. Buy some concert or sports tix

  14. Take your Language of Love quiz to see how you can better meet each other’s
    needs! No, it's not an exact science, but they send fantastic date and
    communication ideas in their weekly newsletter

  15. Try something sexual that you haven't been able to hype yourself
    up for enough. Whether that's including another person, or trying something you
    initially found weird... Be open-minded. You might like it, and if not, you did
    something for your partner that they will appreciate, and likely reciprocate
    (We hope!)

  16. Go thrift shopping; bask in the glory of continuous
    sustainability. Compete and see who can find a cooler item for the other

  17. Whip out those body oils and treat your beau to a well-deserved
    massage. You can stop pretending to be bad at them for one day, and then return
    to your weird inability to give a quality massage

  18. Opt for vegan varieties of Valentine's Day goodies

  19. Help them out with a certain unpleasant task that you know they’ve been putting off--cleaning out their car, helping with taxes, that sort of thing. Not every gift needs to be
    tangible, a gift of service may fill a need that a necklace won’t

  20. Craft something: Pinterest is teaming at the brim with unique ideas that will make you seem like such a romantic

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