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Self Care

Self Care

Between being inundated with commercial and materialist pressures, are you taking the time to #treatyoself? Go get that manicure (bring your own organic nail polish) or shell out for a massage. This “holiday”, much like everything in our modern culture, is a ruse to get us to spend money. We are strong individuals who don’t need an archaic custom dictating what we do, or how we feel about ourselves today. Let’s re-frame this “Show Off Your BF On Insta and Pretend You Don’t Want to Dump Him Day” and make it about self love.

  1. Go take a yoga or meditation class. You could start a new, beneficial habit today. Use this ClassPass link to get an entire month FREE, just don't forget to cancel before they charge you for the next month. You can use your points for facials, massages, or sports classes. Whatever your heart desires.

  2. Turn your home into a DIY spa for the evening. Use this LUSH hair treatment (because it’s waste-free) and put on a soothing mask. Take a shower, lotion up, and listen to a podcast. Shameless plug--listen to an interview about our Founder MJ Cyr on  BadCoach.

  3. Experiment with CBD oils and creams. Give Rosebud, a female led, Hoboken-based local business, a try.

  4. Cook yourself a healthy meal. You could be melodramatic and prescribe to the idea that February 14th needs to be spent with the love of your life (divorce rates in the US are at or above 50% – half of the couples dating right now won’t make it no matter how cute their pictures are on social media. Don’t stress). You might be tempted to do the whole “order a pizza and eat a pint of ice cream.” But we all know you’ll regret that 30 seconds after the last spoonful. Chop up some veggies, add olive oil, a dash of salt and pepper over the top, and bake it at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. You will hug yourself for practicing self-care, and not succumbing to unhealthy eating. Looking for some other inspiration? Check out Food Bebo.

  5. Whip out the vibrator, get some mood lighting going, and picture that financially independent, feminist man, or woman, that you are going to manifest as your next boo. Its 2019, we don’t need to date or to fuck people who don’t believe in our rights to have autonomy over our own bodies, and don’t think we should get equal pay. Thank u, next!

  6. Binge that show. Since we are following a theme here, Sex Education is Netflix’s most recent achievement. Netflix recently added a fan favorite Love, Rosie, queue it up tonight!

  7. Organize your life. Take the ten minutes you might need to hook your Google Calendar up on your phone, laptop, and apple watch if this applies. Set those weekly reminders on your phone to go to bed, whatever the math turns out to be that you get at least eight hours. Or if you are old school and have a planner, do the whole month. Automate those bills to take a bit of pressure off your schedule, and make sure that you aren’t getting unnecessary paper bills each month.

  8. Clean that room! You know you feel better post declutter sesh and it is more difficult to feel relaxed when you are surrounded by the things that you have been meaning to sell online, as well as your collection of laundry that needs to be put away.

  9. Plan a trip with your friends, and book that bus ticket for a girls’ weekend in Boston. Just make sure you visit Tatte Bakery. You won’t regret it.

  10. Take some time to thank yourself and congratulate yourself on what you are doing, and all that you have done. You are intelligent and you are enough. We face so many pressures on a daily basis, and social media has placed massively unrealistic expectations on us to perform. Whether you aren’t where you want to be professionally, or face a shortage of self esteem, make yourself feel loved today, and everyday.

Clean Cleaning

Clean Cleaning

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