Sustainability Spotlight: Julia Campanelli

Julia was a stressed out Technology Consultant living in D.C. One night, she had a dream that changed her life. She has since packed her life into a backpack, and moved to Indonesia, where she is doing yoga, scuba diving, and learning more about the earth around her in these beautiful places. Julia has seen first-hand the impacts of our consumption habits in the deep of the ocean in these remote places. Plunge into this week’s spotlight.

Sustainability Spotlight: Adam Kukoff

NUTSOLA bars can be made in four easy steps and they are delicious for anyone who enjoys cooking at home, reducing their waste, and getting crafty in the kitchen. These bars are preservative free, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and have no added sugar. Guilt-free goodness! Check out their Instagram to stay up-to-date with their food festivals and events. Stay sustainable, millennials and keep your eyes peeled for an exciting giveaway.

Came Through Drippin'

Need simple water use saving tips? Curious about what your food and clothing do to the environment? Want a direct link to Cardi B dissing Tomi Lahren? Dive in to our article about water. Stay sustainable, millennials!

Sustainability Spotlight: Tanner Kent

Tanner was once an engineer from New Hampshire who one day decided to make a major lifestyle change. He packed up some basic necessities into his truck and set out on the adventure of a lifetime. In the past four months, Tanner has been to 23 different states and over 13 National/State Parks. This has given him a unique perspective on national parks, minimalism, and traveling off the beaten path.